Sunday, 9 April 2017

My Personal Experience in Communication Skills

Writing is one of my fondest hobbies.English was my most favourite subject during my school days and even during my junior college days. Not having it in any form for my first semester in degree college made me feel a bit disconnected to my course. Once I got to know that I have Communication Skills - a part of English as a subject in semester two, I became really happy.
Communication skills or rather CS was an interesting subject which made it easy for me to adapt to my technical course in a better. For me, CS was a sort of a learning step about Business Etiquette.

During the course of four months, I learnt a lot right from the basics like networks of communications, language skills, grammar and vocabulary to business correspondence, technical writing etc. Besides having lectures, we used to have Group Discussions(GD), debates, activities and during our practicals we had fun activities like Human Collage, Mini  Ted Talks which built up the curiosity in every student and pushed them to try out new things. Our Teacher, Dr. Mohini was one of the most knowledgeable, inspiring and motivating teachers that I have had so far. She always tried different ways to spark curiosity amongst us, helped us connect to the subject and to not lose interest i it.

I had quite a few fond moments that made me enjoy the course. Two of them were as follows :
- During my very first lecture of CS, we were asked to randomly come up front and introduce ourselves. I was one of the first students to do so. Introducing myself and sharing one unique thing about me made me question myself on how better can I get? How much more is left for me to achieve in my life so that once I do it, I can proudly speak  about it.
- Once during our practicals, we were divided into two groups and each group was given a topic to depict in the form of a Human Collage. My group's topic was - A Dysfunctional Office. After discussing for a moment on how to depict this topic, each one of us depicted an action and while doing so, I sort of bonded with my classmates and spoke to a few of them who I have never spoken to before.

What this course taught me?
- It gave me a platform for me to express my opinions on certain social issues.
- Broadened my knowledge on Business Etiquette.
- Importance of Appropriate communication (B2B, B2C,C2C)
- Organisational Development.

           Lastly,if I had to sum up my entire experience in Communication Skills in one line, it would be,
                        " If you never try, you'll never know"

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